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We are your local lawn, garden, and houseplant experts.

Martinson’s Garden Works is a second generation, family owned and operated garden center and landscape company that has proudly served Madison County residents for over thirty years.


We are your go-to nursery for all of your plant needs. Stop by and browse our great selection of houseplants, trees, shrubs, herbs & veggies, and our renowned locally grown bedding plants.


Mississippi’s largest and finest selection of outdoor pottery.


We carry all sizes and styles - modern, rustic, glazed, concrete, and more!


It's difficult to keep a garden completely healthy without the occasional need for a plant doctor.


Let us help you diagnose your plant problem and prescribe a solution.


 We carry bulk & bagged soils, mulch, pine straw, and organics.


Create a healthy bedding mix for optimum plant health. 

Martinson's Garden Works Logo

We've been creating thoughtful, elegant landscapes for two generations and we're proud to say we are some of the best in the business.


Randy Graves, our in-house landscape architect, has been published in over 30 garden magazines and specializes in transforming outdoor spaces into outdoor experiences. 

Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from the addition of a creative landscape plan that is both beautiful and sustainable. Our professional crew is trained to respect your property, follow all safety protocols, and minimize mess and disturbances. 


Successfully landscaping the homes of Mississippi for over 60 years.


Garden Works designs and installs container gardens for area residents and businesses.  We're proud to offer the largest selection of outdoor pottery in Mississippi. The empty pots are already works of art as empty vessels, but when a curated selection of our homegrown plants are added, the results are magnificent!  Justin Branton, our container garden designer has a vast plant knowledge and a God given talent for turning plants into works of art. First, he will help you select the perfect containers for your particular garden spaces. Then, based on location, he will select a winning combination of plants for your pots.  He will then schedule a day to deliver and install your new planters.  Need some inspiration? Check out some of Justin's stunning work below.  




For every $10 you spend at Garden Works between September 1, and the following June 30, you earn a

$1 Bonus Buck. In other words,10% of each retail purchase is handed to you by the cashier when you check out at our store. Save them up all year, and then redeem them in July & August! You can use your Bonus Bucks to pay for up to half of your purchases in July & August.

The more you spend throughout the year, the more

Bonus Bucks you have to spend in July & August.

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We welcome your questions!

Informed gardeners are successful gardeners.

If you have a plant care question please feel free to contact us below! Your success is our mission. We have a professional grower, a licensed tree surgeon, a horticulturist, and many more plant experts on our team all ready to help you regardless of your plant experience.


We also welcome you to stop by with a clipping or picture of any plant you have that is struggling. We will do our best to help you diagnose and fix the problem!

Thanks! Message sent.

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