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It is difficult to keep a garden completely healthy without the occasional need for a plant doctor. Plant care often involves chemical application, which can be intimidating and unsafe if not done correctly. We encourage you to bring samples of affected plants in to our FARMacy for diagnosis. When you see healthy plants declining or notice the presence of unwelcome visitors, just bring in a branch, leaf, or handful or grass to our experts for observation. Photos of the entire plant and surrounding plants can also be beneficial when analyzing a problem.

On staff, we have two horticulturists, a weed scientist, a turf grass specialist, a licensed tree surgeon, master gardeners, and certified nurserymen. Let us help you identify these problems as they arise and guide you toward proper treatment.


We can also help you maintain a healthy landscape through preventative measures. Bring in your calendar and let us help you create a schedule for appropriate use of fertilizers, pesticides, and other products that will keep your yard healthy and vigourous.


We offer planet safe ways to fertilize plants, enhance soil, and control pests. We want to be kind to our one and only earth and offer safe solutions for you and your pets.

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