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Topsoil  • Grit Mix  • Brown Pine Bark Mulch  • Red Pine Bulk Mulch.

Bulk goods are available for pick up in truck or trailer. Sold by the half or whole cubic yard. Bulk delivery available in 3 cubic yards loads. Call for pricing or to schedule delivery.


Sun Gro  • Topsoil  • Mushroom Compost • Brown Pine Bark Mulch.


Offered seasonally by the piece or in bulk.

Longleaf Red Pine Straw


Available in bales and rolls.

Most pine straw bales are roughly 4 cubic feet. A typical pine straw bale covers around 40 square feet at a depth of 2.5 inches over fresh ground. The same size roll covers about 70 square feet when covering an area with an existing straw covering.


To calculate the amount of bulk or bagged soil to fill a raised bed use our garden bed soil calculator.


For optimum results we recommend mixing these proportions of components to create your soil:

• 50% Blend of Garden Works' Bulk Topsoil and Grit Mix for the base layer of your bed.

• 25% Bagged Sun Gro Professional Growing Mix.

• 25% Bagged Organics blend (Mushroom Compost)


For example, a 3' x 6' x 10" bed will require 15 cubic feet of soil. In this instance, we would recommend this combination of products:

• Garden Works' Bulk Topsoil and Grit Mix (8 cubic feet).

• 2 Sun Gro (5.6 cubic feet).

• 1 Mushroom Compost (1 cubic foot).


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