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Garden Works has FLOWER POWER! We grow most of our annual and perennial color right here in our own backyard at Garden Works. We have a loyal following of gardeners who return, season after season, to buy our flowers because they are, unmistakably, larger and healthier than those available elsewhere....and our plant variety is unmatched! We are gardeners, innovators and plant enthusiasts, and our home. grown. flowers prove it.


We have high standards regarding the quality and variety of the landscape plants we offer at Garden Works. Our trees and shrubs, both flowering and evergreen are sought and bought with careful attention to ensure that you are planting for success. Two key factors of a successful landscape are 1) choosing healthy plants suited to our growing climate, and 2) using proper planting techniques. Our staff offers experienced guidance to help you choose the best plants for your location. We will also suggest appropriate soil amendments necessary for planting in our clay soils. Lastly, we will explain the proper planting process. We want our customers to be successful gardeners, so we are happy to share a few simple tips from our own experience that could help your plants flourish.


Simply put, we just LOVE succulents! Garden Works is often on the cutting edge of new styles, trends and knowing what’s cool. We took a family camping trip to Big Bend National Park in 2003, and visited gardens in the dry Southeast along the way. Enamored by the amazing selection of these drought tolerant desert plants, we immediately introduced succulents to our grow list. We've had fun growing them in the garden and in containers ever since, and our Garden Works grower trials new varieties each season.


If you are a lover of plants, you don’t throw your garden gloves down when you go inside your house. Instead, you search the rooms of your home for bare corners, nooks and crannies to fill with living plants. Garden Works chooses indoor plants that have unique traits, such as interesting foliage and varying colors and textures…plants that, when paired with a colorful pot or earthy basket, bring a whole new design dimension to your home. Bring the outdoors IN!

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