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Clay vessels have been used in the garden by many cultures throughout history for both function and design. Pottery serves as a wonderful contrast in color and texture to plants. This contrast adds points of interest and gives design depth to your overall landscape. Container gardens also add a personal dimension to your outdoor living areas, allowing you to create the perfect backdrop for your lifestyle.


Garden Works offers Mississippi’s largest and finest selection of outdoor pottery. Our handcrafted Asian pots range from classic to contemporary, in a vast array of finishes, colors and textures. Long firing in wood kilns produces strong, frost-proof pots. No two are exactly alike – living evidence of an ancient art. We also stock terra cotta, cast stone, fiber clay, earthenware and metal. Our constantly changing, carefully chosen inventory of planters is sure to suit every design preference, lifestyle, and landscaping need.


Garden Works' custom container garden creations are as varied as our selection of pottery.  Our talented team is ready to help you transform your porches and patios into gorgeous, lush outdoor living spaces you are proud to call home.  We can help you choose the best pots for your specific spaces and then add a custom selected combination of plants for each season.  We are available to rotate plantings throughout the year, keeping your pots fresh and beautiful year round.  Click the photo to see many of our stunning creations.  

Mimi Martinson Container Garden
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