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-Brightness: Medium to Bright. Medium indirect light to dappled sun.

-Sun Exposure: Indirect. Not suited for intense, direct sun, prefers dappled sun.

-Water: Weekly. Allow potting medium to dry out complete before watering.

-Humidity: Normal to Higher Humidity. If edges start to crisp increase humidity. Humidity can be increased by placing pot and saucer on top of a pebble tray with water.

Pilea Peperomioides - "Chinese Money Plant"

  • Hard to find, but worth the search! We are proud to carry this unique houseplant with its coin shaped leaves. Charming and a perfect gift for any plant lover.


    Note: Sizes are indicative of pot size, not plant size. For example: 4" pot means that the plant will come in a 4"tall by 4" wide plastic nursery pot.


    We offer a one-time exhange on any plants purchased online through our in-store pickup within 7 days of your purchase. Once you pick up your order from Garden Works you are stating that you are happy with your plants. If you are unhappy with the plant that was pulled for you, you may exchange it for another of the same type. If you would like to cancel your order, you may do so ONLY at the time of pickup. Once you leave the store, you are stating that you are happy with your plant and it is then only eligible for an exchange with a valid receipt within 7 days of pickup.


    Garden Works promises healthy plants that have received our professional care and maintenance. We also offer free advice from our expert team of horticulturists on planting and proper plant care. We cannot, however, guarantee our plants in any way once they leave the store. We do not have the ability to control weather, plant predators, airborne plant diseases, soil and planting location, nor the care the plant receives once it leaves our store. For this reason, we can only accept returns on healthy plants in their original pots within 7 days of purchase (if you bought too many for example).


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