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Baby’s tear has a moss-like appearance with small round green leaves on fleshy stems. This houseplant can be used in a terrarium, as a table plant, or as a small hanging plant. This very little plant requires a lot of attention.


Note: Sizes are indicative of pot size, not plant size. For example: 4" pot means that the plant will come in a 4" tall by 4" wide plastic nursery pot.

Pilea Baby Tears - Hanging Basket

  • -Brightness: Medium to Bright.

    -Sun Exposure: Indirect light, but cannot tolerate red sun.

    -Water: Always keep the soil of a Baby Tear's plant moist but never soggy. If the soil stays too wet, the stems quickly rot.

    -Humidity: High humidity and good air circulation help a Baby's Tears plant to grow well and not develop brown leaves.

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