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Lucky bamboo, which is not a bamboo at all, is said to bring luck and is used extensively in feng shui. 

The number of stems given as a gift has significant meaning:

1- Simplicity.

2- Luck in Love & Marriage.

3- Happiness *Most popular as a gift.

4- Unlucky. Usually never given.

5- Full Life.

6- Prosperity.

7- Good Health.

8- Grow and Thrive.

9- All Around Good Luck.

10- Perfection.

21- Powerful Blessing.


Note: Sizes are measured from the bottom of the stalk to the top and does not include the height of the leaf. Each stem is sold separately.

Lucky Bamboo

  • -Brightness: Bright, indirect light.

    -Sun Exposure: Indirect light. Cannot handle direct sun.

    -Water: No potting needed. Keep in a clean container of water. Change water at least once a month, more often if water grows cloudy. Make sure roots stay covered with water.

    -Humidity: Any.

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