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Low maintenance superstars, air plants are the biggest trend in houseplants this year! A common misconception is that they only need air to live. They actually need a decent amount of light and regular misting to stay happy. They do not need to be planted which makes them perfect for laying in a decorative bowl, hanging from a basket, or even laying nicely in our of our air plant cradles! 

Air Plants - MEDIUM (Assorted)

  • -Brightness: Medium to Bright light.

    -Sunlight: Indirect. Does not tolerate direct sun exposure.

    -Water: The more light, the more water it will need. Start off with misting your air plants once a week. If you notice that they start to go limp or brown on the tips then increase misting. Once a month, submerge them in water for 3 hours and lay upside down to dry. If extremely wilted and dry, increase submersion time to up to 12 hours. Lay upside down to dry.

    -Humidity: Normal to higher humidity.

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