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John fills a very important role on the Garden Works’ team, and although he’s a bit behind the scenes, his contribution is very noticeable. John manages the growing operation and is responsible for all our gorgeous flowers. Our outstanding flower selection helps set Garden Works apart from other area nurseries.

During the early days of Rising Sun, Allen and Mimi became acquainted with John through the industry. He and his wife ran a grower/retail nursery together in Florence called Pam’s Flower Patch. The top quality flowers John grew and his knowledge of the greenhouse industry made him the best possible candidate to take over Rising Sun when Allen and Mimi shifted their focus up to the retail side of Garden Works. John accepted the position in 2000, and continues to produce unrivaled annuals, perennials, and succulents to our gardening community. Season to season, John keeps our tables full of the highest quality, greatest variety of flowers available, and has made Garden Works famous for exceptional hanging baskets and giant geraniums.

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