It’s funny... I hear Vicki telling her “Garden Works story” to customers all the time. In 1996, Vicki came to buy some flowers to plant in her front flowerbeds. I made a few suggestions on plant combinations that I thought would look nice together and be fairly easy and perennial. She took my advice, and took the plants. As a first time gardener, Vicki was so pleased with the success of her new beds and the time we took to educate her on how to be successful, that she became addicted to gardening and to Garden Works! Several years later, she asked us if she could work on Saturdays to sell plants with us and guide other people toward gardening success. Vicki is a professional Comcast business executive during the week and a super-powered-flower-pusher on the weekends during spring and fall. She actually works on an old school barter basis trading her time for more flowers!

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